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About Susie

Susie Legault
M.Ps., R. Psych.

Susie is a counseling psychologist, member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (O.P.Q.).  She completed a Masters in Psychology with a specialty in counseling from University of Montreal, in 1986.  She offers services in French and English.  She presents with more than 30 years of experience in private practice, helping people regain wellness and more satisfaction in all aspects of their lives, individually or as a couple.  

Susie is of existentialist-humanist orientation and practices integrative psychotherapy.

She has prepared and presented several workshops and at a few  conferences.  She has published many articles in magazines including ldquo;People & Possibilities”, "Vivre" and other publications.  She has a passion for her work and conscious life creation.  She is deeply committed to offer you the support you need to resolve crisis, increase your wellness, as well as the learning and evolution you wish for in your life, your relationships, or your career.  

Feel comfortable to contact Susie and discuss your specific needs, to insure that her expertise applies to your situation: (418) 667-5394.

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    Living your best life in connection with your inner loving choices

    Achieve wellness and happiness with your life, relationships and career

    “Our thoughts and emotions are powerful energetic patterns allowing us to create, block, or even destroy life... starting with our own life. They also connect us to the ebb and flow of infinite patterns of energy that surround us in the Universe. Our physical and emotional experiences let us know when we are out of balance with our inner-self and provide us guidance, helping us to recapture wellness and happiness. Dis-ease and illness are an opportunity for personal growth and healthy change. We do not have to get sick to start listening and aligning with our inner-guidance and truth; our loving choices. Our wellness and happiness start with the relationship we hold with self and how well we can listen in and align our choice of actions with our internal truth and inner source of power. Learning how to connect, listen in and find the courage to align with your own truth and source of inner power, to engage your own loving choices, is what I can help you to do. I can't make it happen for you, but I can guide and support you with your process in creating your best life."
    — Susie Legault

    Combining science, mindfulness and compassion, Counseling Psychologist, Susie Legault, offers practical interventions to assist you with improving the quality of your self, your health, your relationships, your career and your life. She uses a wide range of tools and strategies largely influenced by her humanistic-existentialist orientation & a variety of approaches at the leading edge of integrative psychology. Acceptation & mindfulness therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mood therapy, positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, energy psychology, transactional analysis and imago-therapy are some of the preferred approaches in the application of her art as a therapist. She strongly believes in an integrated wellness approach that considers the need for balance in all things. If balance isn't found within your core self, it will be found in your relationships and your experiences with life. This is where the mirror we gain from our interactions with other people and with life becomes concrete and allows us to adjust our own choices. Susie will guide you to discover the landscape of our inner-self, find your truth and the power to live a more balanced, meaningful and value driven life, in connection with your inner power. Coming to know and align with your loving choices - as she likes to call them - you will become clearer and more powerful with your choices and your action plans, more energized with engaging the directions you really want to take in your life, your health, relationships and/or your career. You will learn to overcome the blocks of fear and the conflictual and self-destructive choices that may have stopped you from living your best life.

    Beyond what your ego and other people may think you want and need, beyond any external expectations and beyond the often repeated patterns that no longer work for you, Susie invites you to engage an inner journey to connect with and reclaim your own powerful inner guides and channel the energy you need to achieve change and meet your true wants and needs.  Change can make us feel anxious, but it is also adaptative and necessary to allow a healthier and a more satisfying life experience.  If you wish to explore some changes in your life, Susie can be a trustworthy and experienced guide for you.  

    Nelson Mandela taught us that: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure”.  He invited us to become liberated from our fears, to let our light shine and liberate others by our very presence.  Susie finds great meaning in her life, assisting the people she counsels in their own learning and growing journeys towards finding and living their own powerful truth.  

    Susie is deeply spiritual and intuitive, yet pragmatic and very mindful of the need to integrate all aspects of being alive in a more concrete and physical reality.  She empowers people to become their best self and welcomes you to call on her services to achieve more wellness and happiness with your self, your life, your relationships and your career.

    We each hold the right
    and the responsibility to be true to self
    and to contribute such truth to the world.
    This is the most loving choice of all.


    Issues that often bring people to consult with Susie include:

    • Depression; a sense of disconnect with self and with life
    • Anxiety; an inner tension and discomfort that leads to fearing a loss of control
    • Difficulty managing change, loss, stress, anger, pain, fear or love and intimacy
    • Coping with illness and needing support
    • Problems coping with self-centered individuals (narcissists, sociopaths, addicts, etc)
    • Feelings of isolation, of being trapped or stuck
    • Loss or lack of self-esteem, motivation & confidence
    • Assertiveness training; learning to affirm our true self in respect of others
    • Conflicts or poor communications with significant other person/marital partner
    • Power struggles and control issues
    • Workplace stress & burnout
    • Learning to know and set healthy boundaries
    • Self-assessment, career profiling & life transition
    • Attracting a positive life partner
    • Achieving a quality of self/life – Finding one’s inner-truth and meaningful pathess with your self, your life, your relationships and your career.

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